A girl from Moravia and a boy from South Africa returned to Brno after years of working in top restaurants and hotels in England.
 They spent romantic evenings grilling and tuning their tastes down to the smallest detail and longing to share their food experiences with others.

With a lot of full experience, they decided to pursue their dream and together they opened their own bistro LEHÁRO.
They created a place where you will find yourself in the arms of a family atmosphere, you will fall in love with the food and you will go home a little happier..

A few more words about us

“How do you recognise a great restaurant? While you treat yourself to a great LEHÁRO, your taste buds will experience a proper dance. ”

Food is not an ordinary thing for us.We put a piece of ourselves into each piece you taste. It starts with rolls for our famous burgers, which we bake ourselves, according to a family recipe. But it doesn't end there.

We buy steaks meat and burgers from the great butcher Pavel, who immediately fell in love with our food. We carefully select vegetables, tune the flavours of our sauces and create new recipes in detail for several days.

And where can you taste all this? You will find us in Brno's Kohoutovice